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1. Om SaiRam !!

One of Shirdi Sai Baba’s assurance –

(In whatever faith men worship ME, even so do I render to them)
Devotees experience on Baba’s presence cannot be counted – we as HIS devotees know that day and night Baba guides us and responds to our needs. We hear and read a lot on miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba and I have felt and experienced many instances over the last 5 years where I can put down such events to Baba’s presence and his blessings. I will like to pen down one such experience which we had in June 2011.
My husband works for an MNC in Singapore and his job requires him to travel almost three weeks in a month. In February 2011, one early Saturday morning I had gone for a walk and in sometime I got a panic stricken call from my 7 year old daughter that my husband has blanked out. I rushed back home and we took him to the hospital. I knew Baba is there and things will settle down. That’s the strength you get from Sai. Baba never lets you down – all you need is to have the faith in HIM. Over a month all tests were conducted and the doctors said that everything is normal and there is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, my husband had stopped travelling since we advised him to slow down for sometime.
The Miracle – In June 2011, after the incidence he was slated to travel to Vietnam for a week on work. I was very worried and prayed to Baba to be with him and protect him. He took the evening flight out on a Monday to reach Ho Chin Minn. After he had reached the hotel and checked in, he switched on the TV to tune in to a news channel. A lo and behold – the channel was showing SHIRDI and Baba’s temple.
He immediately called me and I understood that it is Baba’s way of showing that He is always with us. The channel was running a programme on how in a small village in India, mass cooking is done by Sansthan using solar energy. But for me, it is Baba showing us that he has travelled all the way to Vietnam to protect my husband.
Jai Sai Ram
Baba’s humble devotee.

2. Sairam.

My experience with baba is when we show immense faith with pure heart, all our prayers are answered.
Many incidents in my life when surrendered completely to him, he took care of me.
Remembering guru by all means, gives me happiness.
Although I have come across many miracles with baba in my life, sharing one of them.
Every morning after I woke up, I will take dharsan of baba. One night I got into a train and the next day early morning I have to get down.In the hurry of getting down at my stop, I missed having dharsan of baba. I realized that I missed baba dharsan while getting down from the train,but as such baba’s miracle is that, the moment I got down one step from the train and look towards platform, just in front of me I got dharsan of    beautiful idol of baba and one person is doing depam with prayers. On seeing my happiness is un expressible. Wondered how in a railway station, the marble idol of baba. Offered my Pranams for his leela.  Another wish which baba accepted me is my marriage at his place shirdi.
Bow to Sai’s feet.